I am a Pranic Energy Healer, Aromatherapist, Intuitive Coach & Restorative Yoga Teacher. After 17 years of successfully working in the corporate wellness industry on the Sunshine Coast, I answered my calling to follow my heart and pursue my passion of energy, healing and transformation on the Sunshine Coast

With a deep inner knowing that we are more than our physical body and create the whole of our reality, with love and wisdom always…Through unpacking and processing our emotions to the source of any issue we can discover the dis-ease (from feelings of discomfort, anxiety which left unchecked may manifest into painful injury and even chronic diagnosis).

Who benefits from Energy Healing?

People are naturally drawn to me and discover I am kind and caring, my presence healing, nourishing and supportive without judgement. I am here to support your feelings, release any burdens you have carried around (those self limiting thoughts and beliefs, from this lifetime and yes… many others) and the deepest darkest fears which enable you to move forward.

I work with families including children. In addition to energy healing with animals and I also delivery energy clearing for business

For people who are looking for a more indepth transformation I also offer coaching which incorporates energy healing

By making one small change in life and how it creates ease, grace and flow in your world and will ripple out to your friends, family, community and universe

Pranic Healing on the Sunshine Coast

I work with people who are ready to unravel old behaviors which may keep you playing small, in your comfort zone and not evolving and expanding as we are here to experience. My clients vary in age and experiences from 9 years dealing with feelings of anxiety and unable to sleep to an 85 year old experiencing extreme pain and letting go of trapped emotions. With everything in between including mid life injuries, stress, addictions, trauma and terminal illness.

As an Energy Healer..I am passionate about seeing you discover who you are, connect with your soul and inner wisdom and learn to love yourself again.

Your courage to reach out and step forward is the first of many ripples that will impact you and loved ones around you

Here is my truth

What I love

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