Multi Dimensional Healing

It gives us so much Joy & Excitement to invite you into the first Multidimensional Healing Retreat in the Heart of Noosa
with Dr Carol Haddad & Sami Howard.

Over the 5 days, from 21st – 26th February 2023, you will be immersed in Rejuvenation, Connection, Self Discovery, Joy, Peace, Miracles, Trust, Freedom & Love. 

“Noosa” is the traditional aboriginal word for “shade”. It is where the Traditional custodians of our land, the “Gubbi Gubbi Tribe”, would come to retreat from the harsh day’s sun and now we will connect to our ancestors through the land to experience your own Multidimensional Healing.

What is Multidimensional Healing?

Multidimensional Healing is healing so sincerely
& deeply that your life is instantly transformed.

It is a unique experience that is more than physical healing, it goes beyond the rational mind and compassionately aligns you with your higher soul embracing enhanced states of awareness, consciousness and love. It heals the WHOLE of you.

By gifting yourself the time and space to process, and gently surrendering into each moment, you will release long held beliefs that may have left you confined, bored, restricted or may have created dis-ease, (either physical, emotional or spiritual). 

It is being so lovingly held by the people and the land, you experience transformational shifts that ripple through you, beyond you, nourishing your life and nurturing the lives of your loved ones, and the community. 

How you arrive at the retreat will not be how you leave.

Our Transformational Haven

Each moment on retreat has been specially created for you to awaken and receive more than you ever dreamed possible.

Opportunities for transformation will organically arrive just as powerfully in the spaces between as the time spent in sharing circles. 

‘The capacity to receive is amplified when we
gather and remember who we are’

This experience will support you in your next steps in life, (whether professional or personal),
allow a greater sense of clarity in how you show up and awaken you to a new reality by choosing to embrace life with an open heart and welcome in all parts of your Being. 

You will also receive practices to continue your own healing journey, inviting more miraculous moments and creating your magic everyday!

Embracing the Multidimensional Being YOU are.

You will know if this is for you – you will be called so deeply that you will be guided to accept the invitation. Gift yourself permission to listen, feel that Intuitive calling and say YES to you!

Our intention for the retreat is for you to remember and embrace the whole of your Exquisite Self and heal all the spaces in your WHOLE BEING. 

Prepare for the unexpected!

Early Bird Offer

Payment before 10th January 2023
$ 4345 Early Bird -
  • Includes Accomodation
  • All Meals
  • Additional Surprises
Early Bird

Price After 10th January

$ 4990 11th January - 20th February
  • Includes Accomodation and All Meals
  • Additional Surprises

Couples Rate

$ 7990 11th January - 20th February
  • Save $2000 when you Share the Experience Together
  • Includes Shared Accommodation and All Meals
  • Additional Surprises

Dr Carol Haddad has been on her own journey of awakening for several years. From her personal experience she has learned that great shifts can occur instantaneously and through the power of being held in unconditional love. Gone are the days of suffering being a requisite for growth. Through being held in unconditional love, Carol has now developed her own way of holding space for truth and awareness to unfold organically and for instantaneous transformation to occur. From a background in conventional medicine and learning the utility of integrative care she now invites those affected by dis-ease to embrace the variety of cosmic intelligence available. Coming into her gifts as a multidimensional Healer, Carol is passionate and inspired to share all that she has learned and to inspire the same evolution in others

For more about Dr Carol, please visit
Dr Carol Haddad- Integrative Oncologist Practicing Functional

Sami tenderly holds you in a space of love allowing you to transform your life creating clarity, calm, presence and space so you can discover the real you, your infinite essence. As you connect to your higher soul and discover you are ‘love no matter what’ old paradigms are broken down, long held self limiting beliefs are dissolved and confusion cleared. Sami holds a deep inner knowing that we are more than our physical body and create the whole of our reality, with love and wisdom. She intuitively heals through the modalities of Pranic Healing, Restorative Yoga and Coaching healing the whole of YOU. All of Sami’s life experiences have exquisitely qualified her to support and inspire you in your life so you may heal physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually – by remembering your whole self, a multidimensional being. 

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