Reflections from Retreat

Reflections from our Retreat

My heart is so full and bursting (still, after 2 weeks!) with love after the most wonderful 5 days co-facilitating with Dr Carol Haddad.
To witness all of the unfolding and healing that occurred and see the physical transformations and emotional and mental shifts was truly miraculous.

By suspending time and space to allow everyone to access and process what was present in their being, what was needed to be felt, acknowledged, expressed and held in a safe, loving and nurturing environment catalysing their own Multi Dimensional Healing and transformations. 

I am completely humbled at the perfection and processes that were divinely orchestrated for each person and the collective gathering.
‘They’ve come together for each other and to discover the purity of these qualities in themselves’
Sami Howard

🍄 The retreat tone was set from the opening with Jandamarra. He acknowledged the traditional custodians of the land and our ancestors, past, present and emerging and shared his truth of deep listening. In this deep listening we honour the ecology of our being, community and nature. This ecology of the planet and ourselves is so lovingly woven and intertwined and when in harmony reflect and symbolise perfection, and it is only in the forgetting that this becomes unwell or dis-eased. I love that if we are bitten by anything in nature, that within 20-30 metres is the perfect natural antidote and remedy! A great reminder that we search outside of ourselves & far greater than we need, when in fact all is within us and totally accessible when we listen, truly, deeply listen.

💛 Gravity & Grace are both alchemists of love, one cannot exist without the other and both harmoniously catalyse space and transformation. By honouring their process and presence, gifts us the opportunity to acknowledge and heal all parts of our being.

🌧 Trust & Surrender, Dr Carol and I held a deliberate intention for everyone to receive love and healing in all forms. And so much healing happened in the space and continues to unfold and transform. It was in the pivoting with ease, that we could truly witness the nourishment of this. As we let go of control and allowed the divine orchestration to catalyse the gathering they discovered the choices made from control or habit and gifted them the presence to choose love instead.


 Each moment on retreat has been specially created for you to awaken and receive more than you ever dreamed possible.

Opportunities for transformation will organically arrive just as powerfully in the spaces between as the time spent in sharing circles. 

‘What if gravity is how the earth holds to her all that she does love’
Dr Carol

No longer is it time to sit in a space where conversations have no meaning, we were reminded to engage in the conversations that matter. And in that space we welcome miracles into our lives.

We were also nourished on all levels with the energetics of food, yoga, sound healing, nature walks, sunset cruise along the Noosa river, breath work and a Restorative Yoga Immersion with the most divine music of the Harp! Thank you to all of the amazing souls who came in to infuse their energy into the retreat. So many blessings were received in all the spaces in between!

So …….. Dr Carol and I are intuitively guided to share this space again next year! 2024 dates are coming soon. x If you feel to have a conversation and feel to come and experience liberation and an amplification of healing and love, please listen and reach out.In deep gratitude from my full heart!

Dr Carol Haddad has been on her own journey of awakening for several years. From her personal experience she has learned that great shifts can occur instantaneously and through the power of being held in unconditional love. Gone are the days of suffering being a requisite for growth. Through being held in unconditional love, Carol has now developed her own way of holding space for truth and awareness to unfold organically and for instantaneous transformation to occur. From a background in conventional medicine and learning the utility of integrative care she now invites those affected by dis-ease to embrace the variety of cosmic intelligence available. Coming into her gifts as a multidimensional Healer, Carol is passionate and inspired to share all that she has learned and to inspire the same evolution in others

For more about Dr Carol, please visit
Dr Carol Haddad- Integrative Oncologist Practicing Functional

Sami tenderly holds you in a space of love allowing you to transform your life creating clarity, calm, presence and space so you can discover the real you, your infinite essence. As you connect to your higher soul and discover you are ‘love no matter what’ old paradigms are broken down, long held self limiting beliefs are dissolved and confusion cleared. Sami holds a deep inner knowing that we are more than our physical body and create the whole of our reality, with love and wisdom. She intuitively heals through the modalities of Pranic Healing, Restorative Yoga and Coaching healing the whole of YOU. All of Sami’s life experiences have exquisitely qualified her to support and inspire you in your life so you may heal physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually – by remembering your whole self, a multidimensional being. 

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