Energy HEALING For FAmily

Childrens Calm & Balance

30 minutes

Children have a clean strong aura, but they will need our help to maintain it whilst growing up in our present fast paced & polluted environment. By introducing the practice of self love and energy healing from an early age, we empower children to become more resilient and to tune in and listen to their own bodies and wisdom, instead of external distractions of technology, substances (food, alcohol, drugs) and poor conscious choices. Children’s energy bodies respond really fast to Pranic Healing and you will see fast instant results to lots of various ailments, especially anxiety, trauma & building self resilience.

Benefits you may experience & feel –



Animals bring joy and love into our homes, however when they are stressed or not balanced, it may create tension, frustration and not the harmonious loving relationship you had desired.

Your pets health and happiness is more than good diet and exercise. Energy healing for animals is very powerful as they are more sensitive to energy and their surrounds. Communication between the both of you is energetic – not human words! – and you can feel when your loved animal is not right. 
‘Notice how your pet responds to you when you are relaxed and calm, they mirror back to us what messages and vibration we send out’ 

Just like us, animals have an energetic system surrounding their physical body. When this energetic body becomes blocked or congested energy is unable to flow freely causing a variety of illnesses – physically or emotionally – resulting in undesired behaviours or pain and discomfort.
Regular stressful situations (or even one traumatic event) can be absorbed by your animals energy, deplete their energy stores and remain trapped there with no way of releasing. By clearing the dis-eased energy it allows the animals own innate healing system to transform the imbalance before manifesting into the physical body. Pranic Healing may also reduce physical symptoms from chronic and overwhelming to minor or completely dissolved. 

Energy Healing can support your Furbaby in the following ways


Healing for Animals

Frequently Asked Questions.

What can you expect to experience during an Energy Healing?

Each energy healing session is individual and everyone has a different experience.That is all part of the magic and fun!

Previous clients have felt and or experienced

However you may experience none of these and just relax which is divinely perfect too. A shift of energy will happen regardless of the experience you have.

What happens during a Pranic Healing Session?

We begin with an invocation setting the intention to connect to the Universe, or source energy to open up to receive all healing that is to come through for you. Then release the outcome to that of the highest good. Sometimes what we create in our own mind is limited by our past stories and there is so much abundance, love, energy and healing for us to receive however we try to control or wish for a desired outcome.

I am the channel for this Universal Life Force to flow through. It is not my energy that is used, it is much more magical and powerful than one person. I work with guides, spiritual masters, light beings and high vibration to facilitate the energy that comes through for you.

We then connect with your soul to discover your secret messages for you. When you connect to your breath and tap into your heart you can hear the whispers that are here to guide you. When we are stuck in the stress and overwhelm of our daily lives we can miss the messages that have been calling out to us.

Assess your energy to find if you are depleted (low in energy), congested (tired, overwhelmed) and begin to clear the old dis-eased energy into salt water. Balancing and harmonising the 11major chakras (yes more than the 7 we all hear about!) and many more minor chakras, and when the subtle energy body is cleansed, it is replaced with fresh prana to heal and nourish.

Spiritual Cords are cut – these are attachments that keep us feeling stuck or connect to certain people or situations. Wonder why you keep having those same thoughts, sometimes they are not even yours. When the cord is released and the hole repaired you receive an experience of freedom and peace.

How many Energy Sessions do I need?

This is a great question as there is no definitive answer! On your first visit we spend time delving into your past, relationships, life patterns, thoughts, beliefs and emotions. By holding space for you to unpack, process, forgive and release feelings without any judgement, allowing you to let go of the invisible heavy energy that you have been carrying around – this lifetime and many others.

When space is created in your energy, this is the perfect catalyst to spark the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Healing occurs on a spiritual/soul, emotional and physical level. It is like feeling a breath of fresh air! Feeling lighter, more centred, connected and loving. Trapped energy that once created a block can flow with ease.

I recommend beginning with 3 healing sessions over 1-3 weeks.

Once you begin your healing journey there is always more for you to learn, discover and grow as you connect in with your heart and soul along the way to living your best life with love and compassion.

For treating more serious complaints it can be up to 2-3 times a week for about 6-8 weeks.
How does a Distance Healing work?

During your Energy Healing Session no physical contact is required as I work on the bio-plasmic or energy body and not directly on the physical body. The energy body, commonly known as the aura, interpenetrates the visible physical body. There is an intimate connection between these two bodies. As you heal the energy body, it creates a new and perfect pattern for the physical body to follow, resulting in healing. This is the powerful catalyst to spark the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

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As a result it doesn’t matter if I am in the same room as you or we are both in our own space.The healing transcends time and space allowing you to receive all that is needed for you. When we let go of the limitations of the mind and consciously open to all possibilities of the Universe, miracles really do happen!

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