A Calling HOME

A Calling deeper into your divine BEING
A Calling into the next generation of you BEYOND what you have known and experienced before
I am feeling so grateful and excited to share this new offering with you, A CALLING HOME.
Over six weeks we will gather via zoom in the sacred container and journey together with other like minded souls, where we will traverse through the terrain of thoughts, emotions and limiting beliefs to reignite more love into your world.
Each week we will have a theme that will awaken your sacred purpose through guided meditations, heartfelt inquiry and healing energy alignments. By gifting you space to share in your vulnerability, inviting you to be curious and inquire where you may be limiting your choices, creating through fear, giving your authentic power away or existing and playing small.
By acknowledging all facets of YOU, shining the light into those dark spaces, often neglected or forgotten which may lead to disruption in your reality, allows transformation so rich and deep it catalyses growth and results you have not experienced before.
We will identify your pain points and where you may not be claiming your authentic power and energy. This may be in service to you, your family, your work or business or community, and showing as disruption in your world as –
🎭 troubled relationships, playing a role that results in constant arguments or not being heard or feeling like everyday is a struggle
🙉 financial stress, business has become stagnate or the flow of money in your world has slowed and there is a fear or lack energy around it
⛈ separation or disconnection from family, a relationship breakdown or feelings of overwhelm, grief or confusion where a grey cloud is present in your world
⚖️ struggle physically through illness or dis-ease, a new or existing illness where you are feeling completely out of balance and have little harmony within
These are only some ways that disruption may be present in your reality and I also invite you to acknowledge your circumstances. If you are present to any limitations and how you are showing up, and what you are choosing to settle for and what you are no longer choosing to experience in your reality.
In this Sacred container, you will be held and seen, so you may truly surrender into the process, take 100% personal responsibility for your choices and through the portal of your humanity you will receive more than you can imagine. Creating ripples and miracles that go beyond what you have experienced before.
✨✨✨It is playing in the world of the unseen, & this is where magic happens. ✨✨✨
This offering has been lovingly curated by deeply owning and embracing my own Sacred Leadership and how I show up in the world. This has been demonstrated through my own processes by seeing, claiming and executing all parts of me, aligning my thoughts, emotions and choices in loving service of what my soul has come to experience, transforming my everyday reality into profound opportunities to tenderly walk through life in equanimity.
🩷🩷🩷 And this is where I will meet you. 🩷🩷🩷
If you have never come together in community or are fearful of being seen, know that I will create and hold the space for you to feel safe as we process together.
Or if you unsure of what to expect then please ask yourself the question – would you rather move through the world in pain, suffering, judgement or lack or invite the qualities of compassion and grace to be your devotion in your evolution.
I invite you to join me in this sacred journey of transformation, if you choose to –
💛 reveal all of the loving facets of you – shining your light into the world
🌸 embrace your dharma
🦅 gift yourself freedom beyond what you have experienced before
🔥 trust in a deeper knowing
To open your door into your expansion and greater sense of freedom into the next expression of you, or if you have any questions please connect with me personally.
I would love to walk alongside you through your process. xx
Time – Tuesday evening gatherings in the comfort of your home via zoom, beginning 25th June at 6.30pm (AEST) each week for 6 weeks, completing on Tuesday 30th July.
Cost – $550 for the 6 weeks – to claim your space please message me directly via DM or email – ripplehealingbysami@gmail.com
Oy you click on the link for payment here – https://square.link/u/on7VaKe0
From my heart to yours. xx 🩷💛

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