The Power of Our Words

During an Energy Healing I receive messages or information from the divine intelligence by quietening my mind and tuning in to the surrounding energy and tapping in to my inner wisdom.
To me I never know what will come through in each session, the words used or feelings that I experience. However every time I share, the message always resonates deeply with everyone. 💜
Yesterday was a beautiful example of this and I felt to share here as a reminder for us to be aware of the power in our words we say.
I was relaying a phrase to a client that I was very present too – this phrase is one that I have never used before, and when I shared she replied “oh yeah I say this all the time”. 🤭
When words leave our mouth they carry an energy that continues to sit outside of the physical body. And because we cannot see them once said, it may be dismissed as gone. However here lives the reminder that words carry an energy and will vibrate around us, until we clear them energetically.
There are many ways to clear these, it may be an energy healing, it may be forgiveness, it may be by reflecting inwards and using a technique to erase, it may be invoking to your guides and Angels to cut cords. Each situation is different and an invitation to feel what is best for you to clear. There is no definitive way.
If we don’t clear our energy, we are left to wonder why certain situations always happen – or not happen. Or why we allow people to treat us a certain way.
Before anything can happen in the physical form it is met energetically and in a vibration in the unseen world of energy.
Here lives the Universal Flow. 🙌
Our life is reflecting back what we reflect out. 💗
Master Choa Kok Sui shares in his wisdom that what goes into the mouth dirties the body, however what comes out of the mouth dirties the soul. I love this and have heard many others talk about it, even when I went to see Carolyn Myss – she said that you can eat cat food ( please note I am not recommending that!) and be healthier than someone who eats organic produce.
However if we are not using kind loving thoughts, feelings, beliefs and compassion to yourself, what we eat is not as significant as your inner dialogue.

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