Curious about Energy Healing…then read on

Curious about Energy Healing …… then read on!

The beauty of Pranic Energy Healing is it may be performed in person or by distance.

During an Energy Healing I don’t physically touch you. I work on the subtle energy body and chakras to clear any blocks (why we repeat the same behaviors), stagnation of energy (which can leave us feeling tired), thought forms and beliefs (that keep us feeling stuck and overwhelmed).

Your Energy Vibration & Frequency is unique to you and is always reflecting messages and information to you. However, to be receptive and listen, we need to quieten the busyness of the mind to hear the whispers of the soul – your infinite self.

And that is where the energy healing comes in. Clearing your energy empowers you to become more receptive and aware of you. It clears the clutter and build up of thoughts, emotions and feelings. I liken it to cleaning your physical house – imagine if you didn’t clean it, the dirt, dust and debris would leave the space in a mess and cluttered. And once cleaned leaves you feeling light, spacious and clear. The same goes for an energy healing. No clutter of thoughts or dust of emotions or debris of self sabotage.

Pranic Healing clears emotions and thought forms from your energy field, allowing your energy and life to flow with ease. Supporting you to remain vibrant and healthy, and as you raise your vibration tension and struggles seem to melt away. Dis-ease manifests energetically before it appears in the physical body.
And on top of all that a lot of us are facing isolation and separation at the moment. This may stir up lots of emotions that affect us mentally, physically and on a cellular energetic level. This may leave us feeling even more burdened, tired, stressed, overwhelmed, depressed, confused, anxious or stuck.

Here is your invitation to experience a distance energy healing. πŸ’œ

The benefits of having a distance energy healing are endless. When you consciously choose to clear your energy it ripples to many more transformations in your BEING.

Here are some benefits and what previous clients have experienced and shared –

🀩Feel more energetic to complete tasks – valued her self worth to make time to exercise, meditate and journal which she hadn’t done for 2 years, never had the energy to move

😍Feel less stressed and can see with fresh eyes – let go of the overdoing and prioritized what was important

πŸ’ͺBoosted vitality and immune system

πŸ¦‹Have more space to create and share – was able to write blog with flow and ease, where previously felt stuck to create

🌸Less negative mind chatter and self limiting thoughts that are on loop – experienced an inner peace and calm never felt before which left her in absolute awe

πŸ’₯Left an unsatisfying part time job to find a full time job that was more supportive and fulfilling

πŸ™Reduction in Anxiety and feelings of overwhelmed – felt empowered to speak to partner about what was troubling her, allowing her to speak her truth with love, creating connection
If you are sick and tired of constantly feeling like you are running on empty, self sabotaging yourself by believing you are not worth it, or curious as to what it may involve, please connect with me to receive the nourishing, healing and boosting benefits of an Energy Healing.
You may be delightfully surprised! πŸ™ŒπŸ»
With Love πŸ’—xx

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