How our light changes the world

💥I love the simplicity of this picture.

🌟Shining your own divine light and how this ripples out to many more divine souls.

🙉When I first started my business and talked about energy healing I had a few people look the other way when I shared my stories, close their body language down or not ask me questions so they wouldn’t feel uncomfortable with my answers. I love how you can pretend it doesn’t exist if you don’t talk about it!! 🤣

🙏This was so perfect as it allowed me to feel who I am and what I am here to BE this lifetime and experience the wholeness of my BEING! It also aligned me with like-minded souls who vibrated at a similar frequency. 🙌🏻

💗Standing in your own power and light vibrates with a heart loving frequency that radiates out into the Universe that connects to many more on an unconscious level….. MAGIC!

✨Always shine your divine light wherever you are, the Universe needs your heart loving frequency to heal the planet and all beings.

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