Listening to our Messages

Every day we receive messages from the Universe, to support our journey and guide us with insights around our physical, energetic, mental and spiritual health.

These messages may come to us from a conversation you have, a song on the radio, a smell, a feeling or a knowing on a deep cellular level. This is the connection to our Soul and intuitive feelings that create emotions or a remembering in the body to align us on our Journey.

Most of the time we choose to ignore (we know better!!) or not to notice, or allow our head to get in the way and tell us what we should be DOING, instead of feeling. FEELING how we are in the present moment, what feels good or aligned to our vibration, what makes us feel whole, what fills us with LO💗E, what lights us up and nourishes our being!

I am currently detoxifying my body, this is a message I have received a few times, however have managed to sweep it aside and allowed life to get in the way. I knew I had to make some changes. Even though I am ridding my body of built up toxins, parasites and other nasties 🦠(eeeewwww!) The feeling and knowing I have is divinely perfect for me. 🙏 and from this space I can feel a shift in my energy.

So how do I receive these golden pieces of information from the Universe?

🌹 By becoming present – what am I feeling in this precise moment. Feeling the ground under my feet, smelling the rain, seeing the blue sky or hearing the birds chirping away. Bringing myself into the present moment taps into the here and now. It allows me to appreciate and be grateful for each moment. In the appreciation space I can receive messages, a knowing or a feeling that is my truth.

🧘‍♀️ By quietening my mind – not allowing it to jump forward to the dinner I need to prepare, the discussion with my children from the morning, the meeting tomorrow. By focusing and slowing my breath, it allows my mind to slow the chatter and in that space is where I may receive.

Consciously we make the choice in each moment. And from that decision it ripples out to our loved ones, our community, the Earth. As we vibrationally align to our truth, heal and feel whole so does everyone.

Now that is the ripple effect!

🌟 The light and connection within all of us is exactly the same. The magic lives in our different stages of realising it and receiving it.

I invite you to create some space to receive your messages, feelings, or knowing that are there for you. 💚💜💚

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