Setting your Intention (SanKalpa) for 2021

Healing meditation

Welcoming in the New Year of 2021!
It is an empty page that has been turned allowing us to create our own story and the next chapter in our journey called life.
We choose how we wish to experience life through our feelings, actions, thoughts and beliefs and create the whole of our reality. When we quieten the mind with the practice of meditation, we connect to our heart (where our inner wisdom and knowing resides) this guides us on our path……. or off it too if we choose to ignore the messages!

This morning began with a nourishing cacao drink to open the heart and begin the inner connection to our soul.

Creating a theme for the next 365 days by setting an intention (sankalpa) and holding this in our hearts and releasing it to the golden rays of the sun and universe.
Witnessing the rise of the sun and the golden and pink hues of the first sunrise of the year. Each day the sun rises and radiates it glorious light to us all, even if there are a few dark clouds.Thank-you to all the beautiful souls that came and shared the space, sunrise, energy and purifying swim.

Together we raised $80 for Fight MNDAustralia. If anyone wishes to donate in the next 3 days to the cause please message me and I can add to the donation.

When we give ourselves the space to create what our heart desires life flows easier, abundance is received and we feel an inner Peace and Joy that heals and supports us.
Wishing you much love, light, abundance, joy, peace and healing to you all and your loved ones for 2021 and beyond. I look forward to sharing more love, light and healing with you all. From my heart to yours, Namaste

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