Unlocking the abundance within

💗 Unlocking the Abundance Within – paying it forward 💗

I am about to start a free Collective Contribution “21 Days to Abundance” group starting on the 25th of February.

It will be a guaranteed shift in your abundance consciousness and the flow of resources into your life. 💜🙏💜

It includes daily pre-recorded meditations with Deepak Chopra, activations, along with tasks to complete. You have 48 hours to complete each daily task which takes approx 10 mins to half an hour each, depending on what it brings up for you. It is easiest to do them each day. To set a routine.

I will set up a fb group you will be invited into and you will receive everything into the group on a daily basis, along with a place to ask questions, share any feedback etc.

There are limited places as I want to keep the energy focused, aligned and flowing as much as possible. No sales. Nothing personal from me. Just sharing the experience- paying it forward.

So are you interested?

I am taking SIX PEOPLE only.

Please do not put your name down unless you’re willing to do the daily activities and keep the energy flowing. I am completing them along with you.

I am asking for people who have already done a bit of inner transformation work on their abundance and they are ready to AMP up their flow, step into SERVICE and really be ready to RECEIVE.

There is no obligation from you except to complete the 21 days for yourself and the group. You can work at your own pace but within 48 hours of each task being set.

Please do not nominate yourself if you can’t follow through. This is a team effort of building the energy, vibration and capacity of each individual, and the group collective.

If you’re interested, please put your name down below.

I will notify those who have been selected on Monday, ready to go for Tuesday.

I hope you can join us. It is already building a collective energy of abundance and it’s amazing what opportunities are opening up.

Are you ready to make it happen?

How much are you ready to receive? 🌟🌟🌟

Would you like to receive special offers and updates?

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